Our Mission

When I first embarked on tuning scooters, I had no idea of the level fun and creativity I would get from something so small and economical. Coming from an engineering background I first used the scooters as fun bikes that allowed me to learn my craft as to what works and what doesn’t. Soon though, the craving for higher performance called and when I realised the lack of performance outlets for scooters in Ireland, MPE was born.

MPE’s passion for scooter performance and sports is what drives us to carry reliable high end racing and high end performance parts as well as our own range of product as our belief is to be innovative and different from the crowd. Whether this ride is your daily means of transportation or a weekend toy, MPE knows these parts work because I test them on the scooters we ride on ourselves! We prove that by using those same parts, MPE can in turn help you go from an everyday scooter to a head turning, fast, and agile machine.

If you ever have technical questions, MPE is here to help. Don’t get stuck trawling forum boards and listening to hear say on the internet, call us and you’ll get a real person that is knowledgeable and can help you get the right parts for your bike. Unlike many builders, you can also stop by and visit our shop. If you need parts, advice, or just want to see what could be possible with your Scooter by looking at our Demo Bikes.

Feel free to come by and shop in person as we’re here for our fellow enthusiasts, not just to sell parts but because we are enthusiasts as well, we’ll also call you about your order to let you know if there is anything wrong or if an additional part is needed and work with you to make the situation right.

As well as the shop I run the TAG MILITIA community for scootering & scooter sport enthusiast’s in Ireland.